CX just Got More Interesting. Allegiance and Maritz Research have come together to become MaritzCX.

CX just Got More Interesting.

Allegiance and Maritz Research have come

together to become MaritzCX.

Find out how combining proven research services with

innovative CX technology will help you see, sense, and

respond to every customer instantly.


The customer knows best. (You know about it fast.)

Customer Service Management Solutions

Every business wants great customer service—but how, exactly, do your customers define “great?” Allegiance Customer Service Solutions dive into what people have to say about your support efforts. We help you know what people are saying—and give you ways you act on it. You can prove that your great service is part of great business results.

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  • Define exactly what resonates with customers
  • Pinpoint areas that need improvement
  • Gather both solicited and unsolicited feedback
  • Consolidate customer comments from the social sphere
  • React instantly by seeing real-time feedback
  • Understand customers better with multiple feedback channels

Why our Customer Service Solutions work

  • It's tailored to you. Allegiance develops a needs analysis specific to your organization. Then we configure your solution and back it up with industry-relevant workshops and customer service consulting.

  • Customer service-specific surveys. Our products are ready to implement now. Uncover insights from both customers and employees using transactional, relationship, self-serve, and mobile surveys.

  • Employee feedback. We don't forget the people your customers are actually interacting with. Employee-specific surveys and web portals complete the customer service loop.

  • Case management. Direct customer feedback to the appropriate people. Reports and alerts help ensure support cases are addressed and closed.

  • Web feedback program. Give customers and employees an easy connection via web feedback forms. Feedback flows directly through the Allegiance platform to you.

  • Text analytics. Text analytics interprets the rich information from qualitative data and puts it in context with the rest of your customer service feedback.

  • Social media monitoring. Pick up on customer comments, complaints, and critiques via social media and be able to act on them right away.

  • A single system. Not only will you save money and headaches, the proven Engage platform ties all feedback channels together. DataSync even connects with other operational databases.

  • Reporting, analytics, and dashboard. Nothing else compares with the Engage platform, made famous for its real-time views and enterprise-wide summaries.


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