CX just Got More Interesting. Allegiance and Maritz Research have come together to become MaritzCX.

CX just Got More Interesting.

Allegiance and Maritz Research have come

together to become MaritzCX.

Find out how combining proven research services with

innovative CX technology will help you see, sense, and

respond to every customer instantly.


VOC Professional Certification

DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND. Your program needs are unique, and your career depends on how well you perform. We know it! That is why Allegiance has developed the first of its kind Voice of the Customer Professional Certification Program™ designed specifically for the needs of VOC practitioners and their teams.

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Training that Makes a Difference for You And Your Business.

  • First and only Voice of the Customer (VOC) Certification available today
  • Learn how to act on insights
  • Accelerate Your Career
  • Create a blueprint that works for your business
  • Learn how to gain support from C-Suite Executives

Who should attend?  Beginning to intermediate VOC professionals who are building/refining their program or just starting out.

We're Focused On Your Success

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Executives today want immediate results from their VOC efforts. Being able to identify and track ROI (Return on Investment) is essential to helping management understand the important role VOC plays in your organization.

A successful VOC program is a dynamic VOC program. It requires you to implement a plan that not only collects data but also uses that data to produce results. In order to realize ROI on VOC investments, its important for VOC professionals to understand the process of planning, implementing and evaluating a VOC program. The Allegiance VOC Professional Certification provides VOC professionals with a working blueprint that meets your unique needs.

A Plan For Long-Term Results

VOC Certification Award

In response to demand generated in the VOC community, Allegiance Education Services has created the first of its kind, industry certification for VOC professionals. After exhaustive research, and engaging top VOC professionals, Allegiance has assembled this unique curriculum and certification testing that covers four main areas:

  • Developing your VOC blueprint
  • Creating a culture of employee and customer engagement
  • Gaining insights from your survey data
  • Taking action on your insights

Building a VoC Blueprint

Unlike other certifications available today, the VOC Certification is designed to provide you with immediate results. More than just theory, the Allegiance training provides you with a blueprint for implementing a successful VOC program within your organization.

Beyond the training discussed in class, you will come away with curriculum you can reference as you refine your own plan or program. Attendees will receive a VOCKit™ that includes electronic templates for creating customized spreadsheets, handouts and checklists inside your organization.

During our workshop section we will examine your unique needs, teach you best practices and how-to’s for implementing a successful program within your organization.

After completing the Allegiance 2-Day VOC Professional Certification,
you will be able to:

  • Define what a VOC program is
  • Analyze and recommend data gathering techniques
  • Identify best practices in obtaining insights from data
  • Discuss the use of the Net Promoter Score® in your VOC program
  • Create the blueprint for your VOC program
  • Find relationships in your data
  • Lay the foundation for your action plans
  • Gain new techniques in the analysis of VOC data for improved actionability
  • Identify key drivers
  • Link feedback to customer economic value
  • Drive the right actions
  • Find the tipping point and create momentum in your organization

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Price is $2500.00 per person.  Please refer to the specific event location for the registration link.  If you do not wish to pay online, please contact us directly at 385-695-2828

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