Spotlight® Data Mining

1,000 analyst hours with one click

"The most impressive aspect of this tool is how quickly it identifies key patterns across multiple attributes that drive the success of a key metric. Reliable, actionable insights in a matter of seconds.” - Frost Bank

You could cross tab for a week, or click once with spotlight

Spotlight analyzes enormous numbers of patterns in a few seconds—and not just millions or billions of patterns—undecillions (1036) and more. (That’s more than the number of atoms in the human body or stars in the universe—literally). It’s a pretty big deal.


Allegiance reporting, including Spotlight, is industry-leading. Click to play 2 minute video now.


Powered by a sophisticated data-mining algorithm and proprietary software, Spotlight automatically analyzes every pattern in your datasets and highlights areas that will help you improve your key metrics.

  • Spotlight allows you to focus on real opportunities to boost revenue and retention
  • Spotlight received the 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award - Allegiance Spotlight is the first and only data mining product built for business users who need to get high-value insights from large customer datasets quickly and easily
  • Allegiance was named Winner of the 2013 Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Award by Temkin Group
  • Allegiance serves some of the largest companies in the world with complex datasets and global programs; we know how to handle variable-source datasets
  • Traditional analysis tools only get you so far with today’s big datasets – Spotlight provides a better way

Allegiance Spotlight is part of a turnkey system—it fully integrates with what you already have in the Allegiance Engage platform. Just let us turn it on for you, and start getting more insights from your data in seconds.

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Click Here to Watch the Spotlight Video Demo
Watch the Allegiance Spotlight Demo
Allegiance reporting, including Spotlight, is industry-leading. Click to play 2 minute video now.


  • Uncover high-value insights hidden in your data
  • Eliminate the time and complexity of traditional analysis
  • Focus on real opportunities to increase revenue and retention

What Others Are Saying...

Spotlight is a big breakthrough.
It’s allowing us to focus less on turning
data into insights and more on turning insights into actions. That’s exactly
where we need to be.
– JetBlue

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2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award

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