CX just Got More Interesting. Allegiance and Maritz Research have come together to become MaritzCX.

CX just Got More Interesting.

Allegiance and Maritz Research have come

together to become MaritzCX.

Find out how combining proven research services with

innovative CX technology will help you see, sense, and

respond to every customer instantly.


Elite Flag

A symbol of a journey or accomplishment that supports elite activities, efforts and performances in business and life

The Elite Flag Promotion

Fill out the contact form to receive your Elite Flag. If you have already received your flag and would like to submit a photo, please attach your image and email it to us at the marketing address below. A $100 prize will be given to the winner for the best photo. Email photos to:

Eric Weight Going Elite all over Central Europe
Spent 2 weeks in Europe right before the floods on a riverboat cruise. Visited Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Rhett in Oatman Nevada en route to participate in the Laughlin River Run, April 2013

Kristin with Olympic gold-medalist, Rulon Gardner and Austin Powers

Ryan Barker (April 2012), scaling a wall near one of the beaches that was hit hard in the 2004 tsunami where thousands died. Railay Beach, Krabi Thailand

(April 2012) Doug Oler and friends hiked 27 miles in Coyote Gulch near Escalante, UT. Jacob Hamblin Arch

(May 2012) Dustin O’Neal after he won the prestigious Mario Kart race during the Allegiance games at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Allegiance Games, VoCFusion 2012

Winners: Skyler & Scott Hardy at the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. It was the 10th anniversary of the race and had over 25,000 runners.

Winner: Dave Kreiner at "The Texas Marathon". Dave was restricted from actual "running" the event, so he walked a half marathon instead. Finishing in 3:07.

Winner: Steve Richins at Partition Arch in the Devil's Garden area of Arches National Park

Winners: Sara Simon and team at the summit on Mount Kilimanjaro, 19431 feet. The massive volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro is the highpoint of Tanzania and, as the 'Roof of Africa' one of the seven summits.

Winner: Partner Bernardo Ramirez of Ongoing Consulting in Chile. His picture is taken while mountain biking in the Andes of Chile.

Winner: Vicki from Amegy Bank—In Ketchikan, Alaska

Winner: Fernando Pierry, with The Customer Institute out of Brazil. He is pictured in front of the Christus in Rio de Janeiro.

Winner: Eric Weight at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in March 2011—part of the Tom Petty driving experience. All of the drivers wore a fire-suit and got to drive a real NASCAR 8 laps along with a pace car and reached speeds of up to 135 mph.

Winner: Congratulations to Sarah Simon at Mount Bancroft (13,250ft.), Continental Divide in Colorado. Preparing for a technical ascent of the East Ridge of Mount Bancroft on a sunny—but windy—spring day.

Winner: Congratulations to Phil Harker at the Statue of the Redeeming Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the famous statue of Christ that overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro. The statue is 90 meters high and is one of the most well-known places in the entire world.

Winner: Congratulations to Maithili at Khardung-La, on a trip in July to the Ladakh region in northern India. Khardung-La is the believed to be the highest motorable road in the world. Altitude- 18,380ft. 'La' in Tibetan means 'pass'

Winner: Congratulations to Debbie Simpson, surfing on the Oregon coast. This was taken on the Oregon coast (Waldport, Oregon) in August 2010, working her way through her "bucket list."

Winner: Congratulations to Phil Harker at TPC Scottsdale Stadium hole. This is one of if not the most famous competition holes in golf. They place stands around this hole and put 30,000 people around it. The crowd will then boo or cheer for bad or good shots. Phil made a birdie on this hole, then "tipped" his hat to the...ELITE.

Winner: Congratulations to J.D. Jeppson, Allegiance VP Sales, and Eric Weight, Allegiance Sr. Product Manager, who traveled abroad to Jordan to accompany Tareq Krayim, Allegiance's new MENA reseller. In addition to several successful meetings with Jordanian companies, they found a brief moment to relax in the Dead Sea.

Winner: Congratulations to Allegiance U: Allegiance Survey Certification Event- 4-day live training event held in Sandy, Utah.

Winner: Congratulations to Jarin Stevens: Jarin w/Shawn Bradley, 7'6" ex-NBA Basketball Player, taken in Saratoga Springs Utah.

Winner: Congratulations to Eric Weight after zip lining through the jungle in Costa Rica.

Winner: Congratulations to JD Jeppson who completed the 100-Mile Mountain Bike Endurance Race in Leadville, Colorado.

Winner: Congratulations to Sarah Simon after a successful ascent of the airy East Ridge of Engineer Mountain (12,968 feet), San Juan Mountain Range, Colorado.

Winner: Congratulations to Sarah Simon for a successful ascent of Colorado14er Mount Shavano (14229 feet), via the Angel of Shavano couloir.

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