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“We deliver the world’s best technology to help our clients capitalize on their Voice of Customer.” Allegiance backs up this mission statement with a team, client list, and attitude unlike any other in the industry.

Years of experience to compliment the best technology

Technology expertise is a big part of our success as a EFM and VOC software and feedback analysis company. We employ some of the top engineers, survey experts, and business strategists in the industry. But we also walk our own talk—we continue to improve the Allegiance Engage platform by listening to what our own clients have to say. And that listening has paid off.

The Allegiance name makes a regular appearance on all kinds of industry awards, from CRM publications to rankings on the Software 500 and Inc. 500 lists. We’re even more proud of what our client list says about our reputation. We have the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations including Kelloggs, Citi, Merrill Lynch, Dell, Pfizer, Sara Lee, and many more.

Our clients love what we do for their business—and they also love how we do it. A great customer- and employee-centric culture requires serious fun. And we share the love with creative meetings, mind-blowing customer summits, and a little red flag that pops up all over the world.


Yes, we have a formal mission statement, or as we call it, our 'mojo' statement. It is: "We deliver the world's best technology to help our clients capitalize on their voice of customer."Along the way we also have a lot of fun, and that's part of what you get as an Allegiance client.

Launch party yoga at Allegiance headquarters.

The Allegiance Elite Flag from around the world.
Where will the Allegiance flag pop up next? Only our next prize-winning client or partner will know. See more photos or Get your own flag.

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Major Awards

Customer Interaction Solutions 2012 CRM Excellence Award for Engage Platform


MountainWest Capital Network's Utah 100

MountainWest Capital Network

2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award


2011 Product of the Year Award

Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine

2011 CRM Service Award: Service Leader - Enterprise Feedback Management

CRM Magazine

2011 Product of the Year for Engage Platform

Communications Solutions

2010 OnDemand Top 100 Winner

AlwaysOn Network

2010 CRM Service Winner

CRM Magazine

2010 CRM Excellence Award


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