CX just Got More Interesting. Allegiance and Maritz Research have come together to become MaritzCX.

CX just Got More Interesting.

Allegiance and Maritz Research have come

together to become MaritzCX.

Find out how combining proven research services with

innovative CX technology will help you see, sense, and

respond to every customer instantly.


Feedback Management Products

Create Customers for Life

With Allegiance Engage you can find out what your customers are thinking, and actually DO something about it. Because customer churn can cost you ten times as much as customer retention.

The Allegiance Engage CX platform is the most powerful Omi-Channel customer data collection and analytics tool available, enabling you to: 

  • Know what customers think (and feel, and say)
  • Combine customer feedback with operational and transactional data
  • Use big data analytics to identify how customer sentiment relates to your bottom line
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Drive customer experience improvement
  • Maintain a continuous improvement loop with ongoing feedback from multiple channels
  • Use state-of-the-art dashboarding technology to share your results with stake holders
  • Reduce Churn – Identify the causes of customer churn, and act swiftly when a customer shows signs of discontent
  • Benchmark performance
  • Close the loop with customers
  • Achieve significant ROI 
  • Improve employee recognition and retention (improving your culture, which in turn improves your customers’ experience, which in turn improves your bottom line)
  • Understand key drivers and connections
  • Identify critical trends, and take action early
  • Replicate success- Identify what makes a Promoter a Promoter and drive more of your customers down that path.
  • Tie compensation to NPS or other similar scores
  • Move away from silo’d data analysis and get more data into one place
  • Get a complete end-to-end view of customers and the customer experience
  • Capture more share of wallet by identifying upsell and cross sell opportunities

At Allegiance we know you need to combine your survey data with your operational data. You need to crunch that data to analyze trends, see possibilities, take action. And you need to visualize the data, share it, and make it consumable across your enterprise. 

Unlike other CX and VoC vendors, Allegiance offers a complete, integrated platform to help you collect, analyze, and act on your CX data.

See the products that make up the Allegiance family and learn how we can turn them into real-world solutions for your business.

Why Allegiance?

  • Big Data Approach—no data set too big, crunch the numbers in seconds, identify trends and patterns instantly
  • Best Practices—we are industry leaders, with industry knowledge. You don’t have to make the mistakes everyone else makes, because we’re there to guide you
  • Fast Track—you could spend thousands of hours setting up a program, but why would you? We can stand up a best practices program for you in weeks, not months or years. 
  • Flexible Self Service Delivery Model—we are there for you, but you don’t have to wait for us. Call us when you need us, but don’t worry about change orders or nickels and dimes. 
  • End to End Solution, one platform—you won’t need to buy third party add-ons or deal with multiple vendors. 
  • Multi Data Sourcing—not just survey data, with Allegiance you can take advantage of all your data, survey, HR data, operational data, industry data, easily integrated and visualized.
  • Integrated Best of Breed Text Analytics—our integrated text analytics technology makes quick work of open-ended feedback, delivering powerful insights.

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