CX just Got More Interesting. Allegiance and Maritz Research have come together to become MaritzCX.

CX just Got More Interesting.

Allegiance and Maritz Research have come

together to become MaritzCX.

Find out how combining proven research services with

innovative CX technology will help you see, sense, and

respond to every customer instantly.

Create Customers for Life

Allegiance products help you manage and improve
the customer experience to retain more customers.


Technology with Swagger

Big data, cloud-based, flexible service model, and integrated
data mining – your CX program will flourish on the only
platform that can deliver it all.


Solutions by Industry

We’ve been down the road in your industry,
and we have the experience and technology
to help you dominate.


We've answered the hard
questions for you, so your
program can launch fast.

Introducing Dashboards 2—Getting You from Big Data to Big Action

You have Big Data, but how do you use it and make it actionable?

With Allegiance Dashboards 2, you can do it all, in seconds. No more fumbling with spreadsheets or waiting for your army of consultants to arrive. Collect it, drag it, drop it, share it, and bask in the majesty.

  • Other solutions are clunky and give you one survey or data source per dashboard. With Allegiance, you can drag multiple data sources from the list and drop them into any dashboard, instantly.
  • Don’t settle for switching programs to measure progress against your benchmarks and goals. With Dashboards 2, you can easily place your goals directly on the dashboard, so everybody knows the score.
  • With Allegiance, you don’t have to leave the dashboard to see the real data. View, click, drill, view, repeat. It’s that easy.
  • Unlike with other tools and consultants, with Allegiance, you can get to action instantly. Action/Comparison boards let you set up views that show you the big picture, without waiting on anyone.

When it comes to visually representing your big data, nobody else comes close. Allegiance brings your data to life, without buying expensive visual tools, without hiring an army of analysts, and without waiting (and waiting) for data to load, because with our Big Data platform, you can crunch your data in seconds.

More than a dashboard—It’s Dashboards 2

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Enterprise Feedback Management

Allegiance, Inc. helps companies translate customer insights into actionable business intelligence. Using our proprietary Voice of Customer intelligence (VOCi®), we combine any form of Voice of the Customer (VOC) data with any operational data (CRM, financial, etc.) to create actionable customer intelligence delivered in the cloud. Our multichannel, 360° feedback collection is comprised of products and solutions including ad-hoctransactionrelationship, and customer experience surveys. Our survey solutions are designed specifically for professionals who run multiple surveys simultaneously. Gain insight with solicited feedback through web sites and on the phone. Gather unsolicited, unstructured feedback from social media. While there are many companies that do one area of feedback management well, only Allegiance combines multiple channels and tactics into a single, integrated platform. We help organizations drive growth and increase profitability every day through improved customer service and employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.

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