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Enterprise Feedback Management

Allegiance, Inc. helps companies translate customer insights into actionable business intelligence. Using our proprietary Voice of Customer intelligence (VOCi®), we combine any form of Voice of the Customer (VOC) data with any operational data (CRM, financial, etc.) to create actionable customer intelligence delivered in the cloud. Our multichannel, 360° feedback collection is comprised of products and solutions including ad-hoc, transaction, relationship, and customer experience surveys. Our survey solutions are designed specifically for professionals who run multiple surveys simultaneously. Gain insight with solicited feedback through web sites and on the phone. Gather unsolicited, unstructured feedback from social media. While there are many companies that do one area of feedback management well, only Allegiance combines multiple channels and tactics into a single, integrated platform. We help organizations drive growth and increase profitability every day through improved customer service and employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.

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